Full Service

When I first started this business I had a vision to create a company that would be full service to its customers. I wanted to establish a place where a client could turn to for help, not just for a singular a service. No, I am not speaking of a “Cheers” bar where everyone knows your name but a place where we genuinely care about our clients. Where we listen to you and try our best to educate and help. How do we do this, with years of experience and personally working through challenging business situations along the way. It is through those experiences that have made me understand what a business owner needs and wants. I also learned how to think outside the box and develop creative ways to solve the problems at hand.

Making my business a “one stop shop” for small business owners was the only way I could see to build my firm. Having one phone number to call to ask a bookkeeping question, report payroll hours, ask for CFO advice or a tax question was what I built. FBS Accounting clients have that level of service at their disposal. Though our clients are not required take all of our services to do business with us, they know that when and if there is a need, we are here to support them in whatever capacity we are capable.

One such client was a manufacturer whom was going through tough financial times. We were hired to help analyze the operations and financials and help right side the company. Through analytics, conversations and planning we turned around the company. We started with CFO duties and slowly took over payroll and taxes. With all of our services in place we have turned the company around from losing over $100,000 a year to making over $3,000,000 a year in revenue with a 20% bottom line profit.

We have worked with a long list of clients including retail organizations, construction companies, professional services, technology firms, automotive, equestrian and farm.

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