This week in history the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was discovered by Susan Hendrickson. In the days when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, the T-rex was one of the most feared creatures striking fear with just one roar. Today, a letter from the state department of revenue or the Internal Revenue Service elicits fear to taxpayers all over the country.

So how does one avoid the various letters that can come as a roar to your mailbox? The truth is that I would be lying if I told you that there is a magical way to avoid every instance that could deliver that terrible roar to you.

If you can’t avoid the letters, then what does one do? The answer is simple, document everything and keep your records and make sure you properly prepare your tax returns each year. Consulting with a professional tax preparer each year is always a wise move. For what it will cost you in time and money doing your taxes yourself, a preparer will cost you about the same amount, store your records and be able to guide you. A professional tax preparer can most likely be able to help you when and if that terrible roar reaches your mailbox.

Firms, like mine has a cache of resources in order to help our clients with a variety letters and requests you may receive. Throughout our 13 years in business we have assisted our clients with issues as simple as missing tax returns to state and federal audits. We also carefully prepare your returns and save the backup to your return so that if or when you hear that roar, we have your back, now and in the future.

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