The Evil Corporation

I reflect back to a day that I had a knock on my door. I opened the door expecting to politely ask another set of salespeople to leave so I could eat my dinner in peace with my family. Instead, I was greeted by petitioners asking me to sign a petition to help “take down evil corporations”. Now, being a business owner and a person who helps small businesses was taken back by the conversation. I did not realize the complete misunderstanding individuals have about “corporations”.

Most people believe that corporations are only large businesses. I get that a lot when I have a new client sitting in front of me asking me to establish a new business for them. When I bring up establishing a corp for them the first thing they ask is are they too small to be a corp.

Truth be told, corporations are all around us large and small. Small corporations support their communities, repair and build homes, cars, listen to our problems and advise us every day. Corporations can earn millions of dollars or thousands. Corporations struggle everyday just to put food on the tables of their owners and their employees. I inform people that corporations are formed for liability protection and tax benefits

I have made it the mission of FBS Accounting to spread more understanding about what corporations are and helping their business owners continue to fight every day for their survival. I help them with business advisory, business planning and budgeting. Are there large corporations that deserve scrutiny and criticism? I am sure there are, but the corporations I know are businesses that their owners live and breathe their business, that rely on those businesses to support their families and the families of their staff.

Corporations are not evil, people can be evil, small business corporations on the whole support their communities and the clients they serve…FBS is here to support them!

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